Loose neckline fix

Amy wanted me to wear a dress today, so I did. I pulled out that green linen dress I sewed some time ago. It’s okay, but the princess seams aren’t quite in the right places, and the neck opening is too large, so it gapes a bit front and back. This was before I learned how to do a full bust alteration, so I’d enlarged the whole top of the dress instead. Ooops.

Anyway, while wearing it, it occurred to me to try sewing a casing all around the neckline and sticking in some elastic. And lo and behold, it worked so well! There’s a facing around the neckline, so all I had to do was stitch a line all around and thread the elastic through. This line will also keep the facing from rolling out.



Bummer — I thought I had a “before” picture but I don’t.


2 thoughts on “Loose neckline fix

  1. That is really pretty. I am so impressed at the creative way you think – how you are able to see possibilities in one item and how it can be used another way – like the scarf into the tote bag or one sweater deconstructed and made into another or the way you added material onto something of Amy’s to make it wearable as she grows. It’s such an valuable strength – to be able to see potential like that. I lack it entirely, which is probably why it fascinates me so. (I have other strengths so it’s ok.) I never get tired of looking at the things you made.

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