Breakfast: The last of the leftover banana nut pancakes.

Lunch: church potluck — spaghetti with meat sauce, a little cheesy beefy macaroni, watermelon, salad with iceberg, tomatoes, cucumbers, scallions, and bacon ranch dressing, broccoli, and

Dessert: Carrot cake

Dinner: Barbecue chicken legs (Mark made the barbecue sauce), buttered garlic noodles, green beans.

I’m getting pretty tired of logging my food, but the larger the sample, the more useful the statistics will be.


2 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. What are you going to do with the statistics? I have found reading your daily food diary very interesting. It has made me think more about what I am eating, plus the contrast of how different people/families eat. I wonder if some of it is regional or age related or personal preference…

  2. I just want to get an idea of how closely my actual eating habits line up with how I think I eat. Do I eat as healthily as I think I do, and are there any glaring gaps or anything like that.

    Glad it’s at least interesting to someone else!

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