The closet in the everything room is six feet and three and quarter inches wide and just three quarters of an inch shy of three feet deep.

There are currently two wire shelves, one on each side, five feet and three inches high. The rest of the shelving is made of boards and boxes and filing cabinets.

I’ve been thinking, looking, considering what to do instead.

After much hemming and hawing about various ClosetMaid and Rubbermaid laminate things like drawer units and cube units, which didn’t quite fit the space as nicely as I’d like and, well, are laminated particle board, I think I’m going for something simpler. Wire shelving in some configuration, with canvas boxes / drawers and maybe some sliding canvas bins.

For the sake of selling the house later, if the need should arise, I’ll probably do the kind where you hook the shelf supports into slotted standards that are attached to the wall. That way new owners could reconfigure the closet easily.

Now back to the drawing paper. I’ve used isometric dot paper to sketch the closet’s outline in ink, so in pencil I can sketch in various ideas for shelf spacing and all.

Maybe I’ll post some pictures later.


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