1. Amy’s prayer this evening: “And thank you for the dining hall, and for the game, and for covering your ears, and for the cannon.”

We went to the dining hall for dinner, then to the football game. They shoot the cannon whenever our team scores.

Also, this morning we watched a video of some dulcimer players — Dan Landrum, Stephen Humphries, and Ting Ting — and now Amy has three dolls named Ting Ting. They are all sleeping, along with the new kitty doll, on the “air bed,” which is the checkers mat I made a while ago.

——— edited to add

For a long time now Amy’s been talking about the Amy light, Mama light, and Daddy light — the details are becoming clearer. The Amy light is the house light across the street to the right, the Mama light is our own lamppost, and the Daddy light is the house light across the street to the left. They’re her signs that nighttime has truly arrived, and that it’s dark. She stands at her window, under the curtains, and watches them.

Amy no longer likes me to use nicknames like bunny boo and so on — she says she’s not a boo, not a bunny, not a honey, etc — she’s just a little girl, just an Amy.

The other day I asked her if she was a cookie. She said no. I asked “What are you?” and she said “A little girl!” I said, “Do you know what I do with little girls? — I hug them!” Now she asks for that game, and almost before I finish saying “cookie” she flings herself on me for a hug.


2. I’m thinking about reviving my tradition of having a concert to celebrate my dulcimer anniversary. I’ve asked on facebook if any of my local friends would be interested in hosting a house concert — I really like house concerts, especially when the host is a friend; they’re relaxed and intimate.

I bet it’s too late already to try to use the academy’s chapel, but Mark will look into it for me.

And a friend suggested asking folks in the antiquarian society — folks who might have a nice big lake house.

3. I just finished reading this article, which is about the most hopeful and intelligent thing I’ve ever read on health reform so far, despite its annoyingly sensationalistic title.


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