And it was lovely

Today we went to Culver.

We did various errands.

Among them, we tried oh so graciously to persuade two stores to sell my CDs — neither owner was present, but the first store’s person was rather less discouraging than the second. The good thing is that I didn’t feel devastated.

To the post office to get my new business p. o. box and find out the weight of the bag I am selling.

Then to the park, where we met two friends. As usual, Amy was not pleased that there were other kids and adults dividing my attention, but she handled it fairly well.

Lunch at the dining hall, where we even saw Mark, then home for nap.

Glorious long nap — she’s still going. Blissful.

And I’m wearing my new shirt.

I might buy or try to make something like this to wear under it.


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