Is it done?

4313 4315

Is it long enough?


2 thoughts on “Is it done?

  1. Marcy, I think it turned out quite nicely. Do YOU like the length? Maybe since you question it, it is too short for you. But all around me at work, half the styles out there seem to be with shirts worn underneathe and untucked, so the shirt tails are meant to show. It just seems to be what’s currently in vogue. So maybe if you are going to wear it like that, it is stylish and perfect. If you are not going to wear anything under it, I still think it might be just right because the neckline coupled with the shorter length make it a great cross over for the seasons. The “celtic” cable is stunning.

  2. I made it that length because I heard / read that it looks best if a horizontal line like a hem doesn’t fall exactly at your widest part — but it seems it would be nice for it to be a little longer. It’s pretty snug, so I’m not sure I could wear it with anything underneath.

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