I want to fix up the music / sewing / library / other stuff room. Right now it’s a mishmash of cheap particle board bookcases, two stacking plastic drawer units, some cardboard boxes, plastic crates, and boards.

I want to do something that will be efficient and nice for all the things I do in there, but that will also work for returning the room to a bedroom if we ever need to move — so no built-ins, alas.

I want to be as green and ethical about it as we can afford to be.

Starting with the closet: are there any compelling reasons why I should or should not use the typical wire shelving stuff? Or what other materials would you suggest?

The rest of the room I am guessing I will use wood. Are there any compelling reasons why I should or should not use various wood-based materials, like MDF, particleboard, plywood, etc?

I am thinking a very high shelf all around the room, for starters. A nice desk for sewing and scrapbooking — with storage drawers or shelves underneath. And another one or two shelves attached directly to the wall, above — a hutch would take up too much of the desktop and make the room seem dark or cramped.

Also, I want some very tall bookcases for the other side of the room — deep enough at the bottom at least for some 12×12 photo albums, and best if they got less deep above that. Originally I was thinking cabinet bases (some without doors) topped with 10″ shelving, but I’m not sure that will work for a freestanding unit.

That’s as far as my thinking has gone.


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