Early in our marriage, before I had a sewing machine, the urge to sew a little doll overtook me. I cut up some worn out shorts and stitched together this little kitty and her dress, stuffing her with the shredded remaining fabric. The dress tore as I put it on (didn’t think to provide buttons or velcro) so I put the pocket on to hide the tear. It lasted lo these many years, until today, when Amy told me the face ripped. She said it looked like the kitty was spitting out the food.



So I started a replacement. This kitty is much bigger, made of a sturdy denim in Amy’s favorite color, and with a less interesting but less time-consuming face, and ears made in one piece with the rest of the doll. I need to buy more fiberfill. And make a dress.




2 thoughts on “Kitties

  1. you’ve inspired me to go make something for Maria…she just woke up, we’ll see what she wants! Sounds like a fun way to spend my Sunday afternoon.

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