A few new Amy things

1. At a new faculty cookout (Mark is mentor to a new teacher), Amy played tag with some other little girls. One of the Sesame Street bits she watches with Daddy on his computer involves Ernie finally persuading Bert to play tag, and perhaps that helped.

2. Occasionally when she sings I can recognize a melody. Today in the middle of lunch she got down to pick up a green bean she’d dropped, and then ran around the house dancing and singing nonsense (phrases from other songs, items she saw around her, etc) to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle.

3. Today she was dancing to my friend Rick’s hammered dulcimer CD. One tune he plays a phrase, then pauses, then plays another, then pauses, etc, for an intro. I noticed Amy paused her dancing, too.

4. Our primary disciplinary action is a timeout. Lately this involves hitting (which earns a second timeout), and spitting (which earns another), as well as screaming and crying (which are allowed expressions of upset). A while ago, as I was writing this, Amy came out of her nap to use the bathroom, and wouldn’t cooperate with getting on a new diaper. The amount of spitting lost her her dog, her other stuffed animals, and her bedtime story. Now I’m second-guessing and wondering to what extent the spitting is willful, and to what extent it’s an involuntary response to the kind of scream she gets into and / or to the runny nose the results from crying.


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