The fall schedule

Mark goes back to work on Monday — classes start a week from Tuesday.

He’s got, as he put it, the “money schedule” — A and D blocks, so that Fridays he’s done teaching by 11:15. That means also that I could safely make any non-Amy-allowed appointments for Friday afternoons.

I’m contemplating how to live this next semester.

1. Budgeting not-so-healthy eating: maybe one dining hall meal each week, and two sweets. One sweet equals something along the lines of two cookies, by the way; we’re all about reasonable portions over here. (I wonder — how many readers are thinking “only two?” and how many are thinking “she’s allowing herself TWO WHOLE COOKIES every WEEK?!”)

2. Library story times.

Culver apparently is already doing their brown bag story time at noon on Fridays. I’ve heard from other mamas that it’s irregular — if only one or two kids shows up sometimes they don’t bother doing the story at all. Also, they do a craft. Not sure how excited I would be to have to bring home some lovely something or other every week. (Can you believe artsy me just said that?) Plus, it’s lunch. The good part is bringing lunch means not being tempted to hit the dining hall. The bad part is how easily distracted Amy can be, for example going back and forth from plate to playing at the cookout last night, or taking her plate to different places or walking around with food in her hands.

Plymouth’s story time is also on Fridays, at ten in the morning. They don’t mention crafts — songs, stories, finger plays, action rhymes. That sounds good. They require registration, and 24 hrs notice of cancellation so a waiting list kid could attend in one’s place. It doesn’t start until October.

Perhaps the thing to do would be to attend the Culver one until registration opens for the Plymouth one, and then decide whether to do one or the other, or try both, alternating weeks and remembering to call for the off weeks.

3. BSF. Bible Study Fellowship. This is a seriously structured Bible study that is worldwide. I’ve never done it, but have heard about it from friends who’ve done it. Sounds quite strict in some ways, but then again having study and socializing more distinct, and study a little deeper (a whole year on John this year), might be a good thing. The closest one is in South Bend, Tuesday mornings. Two of my playgroup friends go, and we could commute together, which would save on gas and give us extra social time.

4. Speaking of playgroup, that’s still on for Wednesday mornings, of course.

5. The school pool. Will have to check on the times and days for this fall. It’s kind of a hassle. But nice for Amy, and some exercise for me. In the past we’ve gone at noon — which just about requires a dining hall lunch. There’s also usually a weekday with the pool hour at six in the evening. Also awkward timing, since we usually eat at that time.

6. Speaking of exercise, I’m continuing to do pretty well at doing my Pilates Sculpt DVD every morning — one standing portion and all the stuff on one’s back. Not sure if my T-Tapp buddy will be interested in partnering once a week again or not. Or if I could try again to find someone interested in swapping childcare in order to attend an exercise class at the academy. They have Pilates classes — I’ve never actually done one and would like to. Or just stick to working out mornings at home.

7. In all of this shtuff, I need to allow plenty of space, remembering that a) I’m half introvert and b) I’ve got lots of projects I like to work on and a house to keep up and a child who might like some mornings at home with mama, and c) I need to have some open time for playdates and such.

8. Looking forward to the return of some tv shows I got interested in last year. I’ve been less interested in House MD, although I kept watching, but I’m curious to see if it picks up any, considering how last season ended. I really liked The Mentalist and Lie to Me. And So You Think You Can Dance is having a fall season!


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