Monday and Tuesday

Monday: I think I just had cereal with milk, and OJ. Lunch at the beach — peanut butter sandwich, cantaloupe, carrots maybe? Dinner — we made ginger beef, a stir fry with beef, broccoli, carrots, sweet peppers, and snow peas, over rice, with a moderately sugared sherry and low-sodium soy sauce over all. Dessert — TWO Klondikes.

Tuesday: Perkins — the sausage gravy biscuit was a little laughable (regular cream gravy with little squares of sausage patty, pre-cooked, sprinkled on top) but tasted okay; the platter also had hash browns and another sausage patty, and scrambled eggs. Had half of one of Mark’s chocolate chip pancakes, too, and a piece of my dad’s swirl rye toast. No lunch. Snacks: Most of Amy’s Perkins cookie and some cantaloupe, airline honey roasted peanuts and Wheat Thins cracker chips. Dinner — Paragon in some place east of Gary — roast beef sandwich on french bread with mozzarella and red peppers, with au jus for dipping, french fries, and a cup of chicken and dumpling soup.


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