My mom graciously took me clothes shopping today.

I tried on maybe six or seven black dresses, and one of them was just right — not only does it fit, not only does it have a decent neckline and hem length, but its construction and style are actually flattering on me.

We also found a really cute dress with a wrap neckline — one of those with a geometric pattern and contrast print band at the waist. I generally don’t like those kind of patterns and prints — there’s always something wrong with them for my taste. But I like this one a lot. It just needs the pockets removed (they stick out) and maybe some tweaking of the back darts and neckline.

Alas, the shirt in the fabric I absolutely loved (a tan with a small cream vine print with occasional tiny red flowers) didn’t fit nicely.

But we found two other shirts that fit well.

And a skirt! A wonderful brown and light brown / grey paisley print. I have no idea what I can wear with it, but it was worth getting anyway — I’ll find (or make) something to go with it.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, little voices are whispering:

Is it really okay for me to let my mother buy so much for me, especially since I so rarely buy anything for myself? It’s not like I’m taking advantage — if I really need something I’ll buy it myself. I think. And half the stuff was buy one get one free, plus a twenty percent discount on everything.

Is it really okay to get anything at a regular store, as opposed to some organic fair trade artsy store, or a thrift store? Most of the time if I have to shop for clothes I’ll go to the thrift store first.


6 thoughts on “Shopping

  1. Give yourself a break, Marcy. Thanks, Mom I really appreciate the help and generosity you showed me. That’s it. Balance.

    I have an awful time with clothes and would have loved some help when I was your age!

  2. Oh, I know, I know. I’ve improved a lot in this area already, but still have a ways to go. I know there’s someone out there who would judge me on one or both counts, but I don’t have to necessarily accept their judgment.

  3. I’m sure you gave your mom so much pleasure, for her to go with you and buy these gifts for you. I know that is how I feel when I am able to do that for my daughters. So there is that component also, just as you enjoy doing/giving to Amy. I found I understood this much better about my mom when I experienced it towards my daughters.
    Enjoy the gifts and her love for you. The only way people can experience the joy of giving is if someone gracefully receives, right?
    The clothes sound lovely.

  4. It’s just my way of categorizing the various levels of ambivalence I have. Most of me agrees with what you said, and a small part of me is uncertain.

    I think everyone probably relates to a degree — we all have internalized voices from our history, our culture, media, etc.

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