New bathroom floors

Having a toddler in the house made me worry about our existing bathroom floors. The caulking and such around the bathtubs did not look good, and there were some cuts in the flooring.

Behold the old — and the new.

Marc Felke in our bathroom, his son at the door.

Marc Felke in our bathroom, his son at the door.

New floor in our bathroom.

New floor in our bathroom.

The main bath, old floor.

The main bath, old floor.

New floor in the main bathroom.

New floor in the main bathroom.


9 thoughts on “New bathroom floors

  1. Ha! Thanks. Yeah, I’m actually having a hard time not feeling snobby about the fake stone. On the other hand, vinyl feels nice underfoot, stuff doesn’t break on it, and it’s much cheaper than ceramic tile.

  2. Single sheet — I don’t like self-stick tiles. They don’t always stay down well, and wouldn’t be a good choice where a good seal against water is needed. I wouldn’t have minded real tile with grout, but a vinyl sheet was cheaper.

  3. I agree with the single sheet versus the stick on tiles. Single sheet is harder to work with but will give you a better end product. Real tile can be almost as cheap if you find tile on sale, don’t do accent tiles, do all the work yourself and can borrow a tile saw. Its a lot more labor but if you shop wisely it could be done for $2-$3 per square foot. (tile for $1/sq plus backer, thinset, grout, etc).

    Anyway – it looks great.

  4. I should mention that we didn’t do the work ourselves. I’m somewhat handy, but since I was concerned about a good watertight seal, I wanted a professional for this job. Thanks for the tip about tile on sale — I’d assumed it would be more expensive and didn’t even bother checking it out.

  5. Hello, your blog is lovely. I am a web developer constructing a website for Felke Flooring. Would you mind if the new floor image, second one down, were used on the website being created for him? Please, send me an email with your response. Thank you!

  6. Brandy,

    Thank you — my only alteration to the free WordPress theme was the header photo. My music site shows more original touches —, although I decided to move it to hosting so I wouldn’t have to keep up with the web design and especially the software updates.

    Yes, you’re welcome to use that photo for the Felke Flooring website.

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