Because there is more than food

My apologies for those of you who could care less what I eat.

I decided to track my eating for some undetermined length of time, to get a more accurate idea of how I really eat (not just how I think I eat). Keeping track might also make me think a little more wisely when making food decisions.

If you’d like to track your eating, too, please join in.


1. Amy says: “I don’t like to touch animals that crawl.”
“I do want to watch puppets, though.”

The sentences are unrelated, but struck me with their sophistication.

2. Trying to avoid more diaper rashes occurring, we’ve been having Amy sit on the potty for five minutes before bed. Might have to give up on the idea — she’s resisting. Maybe if we just accept that an hour after bedtime we’ll have to change her diaper again, she’ll eventually come around and want to poop in the potty again.

3. For the last four days I’ve actually gotten up and exercised before breakfast. There’s not really a better time — mid-morning is prime Amy time, nap is prime me time, after nap we’re all too unmotivated, after dinner I want to relax. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to exercise before breakfast — that I’d be too hungry to work that hard. But it’s actually fine. And I even like it. And I have more energy the rest of the day. And I’m not even getting up all that early — I’m already awake because Amy wakes around 7 or 7:30, so I might as well get up. (If you care, I’m doing Pilates Sculpt; the warm-up, one or the other of the standing workouts, and the last three parts. It’s much more sculpt than Pilates, but that’s okay.)

4. Today I dusted and oiled my sewing machine. How pleasant it is to be sewing often enough to need to oil it more than once a year. Unless it’s already been a year. Hmmm. Not sure. This week I’ve fixed a fallen-apart seam in an Amy shirt hem, added two inches of fabric to lengthen one of her skirts (it was crotch length — even with attached shorts underneath I think that’s inappropriate), cut and started stitching some more cloth napkins, attached an applique patch to a friend’s shoe over a hole, started stitching some hat straps for her kid, and cut and pinned some new hems for another friend’s pants.

5. Barter! The pants hemming I’m trading for help making my dress form. I’m excited. Need to get back to cutting the paper tape strips. The other altering, along with some pants tailoring for the friend’s husband, is possibly going towards a used bike from their shop. I like bartering.


2 thoughts on “Because there is more than food

  1. I do appreciate that you are tracking and sharing what you are eating. It does make a difference. A few months back I started using a program called FitDay. It is a great way to track all of your eating, exercise, and has a journaling function as well.

    It is wonderful that you are able to get up and exercise early. I so want to be able to exercise before work, but I am *not* a morning person and have just never been able to work that out. I’m still trying though.

  2. Thanks, Larry.

    I used to be a morning person — not so much anymore, but perhaps some of it stays with me. If I had to set an alarm, or get up in the dark, I don’t know that it would work. But Amy’s waking wakes me, or sometimes I wake first, so it’s not been much of a hardship to get up — I still get a few minutes to lounge in bed.

    I don’t know how fitday or dailyburn would work for me — I guess the only way to find out would be to try it. Either way I guess I’d have to enter in an awful lot of our homemade recipes, which would be a pain, but the automatic charting and such would be helpful.

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