Chocolate cutout cookies

Made these cookies today.

I used one cup of sugar instead of one and a quarter, which gave it a darker chocolate taste — they’re still plenty sweet.

Let them sit a minute out of the fridge — less likely to crack while rolling them out.

Don’t overbake — they’re best when still a bit soft. Not gooey, just soft.

They’re wonderful broken up in ice cream — would likely be great for dipping in milk, coffee, or hot chocolate — or for dipping in chocolate fondue or coated with melted chocolate. I could see a mint or orange icing being nice, too.


2 thoughts on “Chocolate cutout cookies

  1. i LOVE allrecipes! We use it about once a week…it’s great to use up leftover stuff, just type in the ingredients you have and bam…you get a recipe for them! I am making some strawberry muffins today…had some from last summer still in the freezer…oops!

  2. I just had some and would like to confirm that indeed they are good dipped in milk.

    I hope your strawberry muffins are good! I still have stuff in the freezer I should use before fall — zucchini, pumpkin, nasty salsa (that will just be thrown out), and I think maybe one bag of apple slices. Too bad the peaches are all gone — I don’t see any on the tree this year at all.

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