My chair gets a new home

Tonight was the Chairs for Charity gala and auction.

(I wore my fancy dress. It was payment for playing for a boutique fashion show back in Ithaca, pre-baby. I had to remove the existing side panels and replace them with wider ones. I didn’t want to mess with the bottom piece, because it doesn’t have side seams, so I tapered the side panels to meet it — but if I want to wear the dress again I’ll have to take off the bottom piece and add velvet pieces to the ends (back slit) to make its circumference wider — it’s hard to get on, very hard to sit in (even worse getting in or out of the car). I don’t even know if it’s that flattering on me — the neck is too wide. Just that it’s such pretty fabrics and I love the fringe.)

The many many chairs were displayed in the foyer, along the hall, and all around the ballroom where the auction would be held. Here I am with mine.


Friend Andrea, co-chair of the whole event, making some announcements and getting the auction started.


Good sized crowd.


The auctioneer — “Sold!”


My chair with its two main bidders. The lady in green won, but the floral lady regretted not continuing to bid, and they talked it over and the floral lady took it home. The winning bid was $100 or $110.


A few chairs went for over $200 — two were about $500 each. Most went between $50 and $100, and several were under $50.


4 thoughts on “My chair gets a new home

  1. Marcy,
    I LOVE the way that chair turned out. I can’t imagine the work that went into the designing, and actual finishing of it. And the ultimate compliment…two people both wanting it even after it was sold. Congratulations! Sherj

  2. They were very nice about it. The floral lady at first was asking me how much she could pay to have me just make her another one, and for a minute I considered it — but yikes, I don’t want to do all that again. I’m glad they worked it out.

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