Morning and evening

Today, our morning and evening were quite pleasant — not without any crying or frustration, but all at reasonable levels.

In the morning, among other things, we had tea using the furoshiki as tablecloths — one for Amy and me, one for Medium Doggie.


(She set her own place — I’ve never told her where to put knives and forks and spoons, but I guess she’s noticed — sometimes she gets them backwards but not often.)

In the evening, we had a relatively early dinner, which seemed to do well for Amy — and some very pleasant playing together afterward.

In between, let’s just say that I had a hard time largely because of lost sleep last night, and Amy had a hard time once I wanted or needed to do anything other than play directly with her. I might try early lunches and naps as well, and see if that makes any difference. I’m wondering if she lost sleep as well — plus she’s developed a yeast infection after waking up with caked on poop several days ago, and it’s extremely sore.


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