Amy fed the cat


She likes to help me feed the kitty in the morning. She holds the bowl, sometimes pours the scoop of dry food in, carries it over to the corner, and takes the old bowl to the sink.

But this afternoon, while we were in the kitchen, she suddenly grabbed a can of wet food and took it somewhere. I was distracted at the time, but later saw it there in the bowl and had a good giggle.


3 thoughts on “Amy fed the cat

  1. That is so funny. I love it. I just wanted to say hey! I haven’t been visiting many blogs lately (hmm, wonder why, maybe if you could imagine four Amy’s running around you’d have a good idea of what’s going on these days with me!) Well, maybe it’s not quite as bad as four 2 year olds, anyway, you get my drift. 🙂

    Loved catching up and seeing Amy’s pictures.


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