Sunday Some

1. Seeking

I sometimes have a hard time asking for help directly, especially from friends (including Mark). For about a month now I’ve been posting a request on facebook, knowing that most of my local friends are members and visit there regularly. Surely if any of them were able to help they would volunteer — and if they didn’t, surely it would mean they were unavailable. Because how could anyone read such a status, be available, and not offer to help? Unless they don’t want to help, in which case I should not bother them by asking directly — it would make everyone uncomfortable, right?

I suppose I knew all along asking directly is the way to go… I just dislike the discomfort.

2. Submission

Really, I mean obedience — but I’m being all cute and clever and using s-words.

How do you teach a willful child about obedience the right way?

It shouldn’t be primarily about my convenience, although it’s perfectly legitimate to take my needs and desires into account, like requiring Amy to do something else while I am working on a sewing project, for example.

It shouldn’t be about mere general compliance, because sometimes disobedience is the way to go — when the person asking for obedience is corrupt, or when the required action is not right, and so on.

I want Amy to obey us because she trusts that we are good and loving. I want her to obey us because she approves of what is right. And, to an extent, I want her to obey because it keeps life moving along a little more smoothly, making life more pleasant for her as well as for us.

3. School

Today at the church we were visiting, a family made a presentation about upcoming Vacation Bible School. The theme was that it’s not like school at all — instead, it’s fun. As if school is automatically and necessarily a bad thing. The school wellness program and the librarian reading boring books were two of the specific things ridiculed and scorned. What if one of the school librarians were a member of that congregation? Surely the many doctors that attend there would approve of healthy eating and fitness? Humph.

4. Sewing

Amy’s pink nightgown is too tight to go over her head and difficult to get her arms in the sleeves. It fits once it’s on, though. So I cut it down the back halfway and added a fudgy button placket. Hopefully that will work.

I also started sewing snaps onto my knitted chair, to keep the front leg sleeves overlapped by the seat cover.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Some

  1. just so you know i would have totally offered to watch Amy, but with life being a bit chaotic…and now we have a new nephew to visit too! Hope you enjoy playing at the festival, we could like to come up, but will most likely be visiting family.
    Submission…hmmm, that is a hard one…hope is starts getting easier.
    Oh, and I would be slightly annoyed about the vbs presentation too…i would think most teacher would be, school isn’t always necessarily FUN, but not a torture chamber either, geesh!
    Can’t wait to sink my teeth into pot roast tonight! Thanks again!

  2. I know, Jessica — but couldn’t you have planned your baby to be less inconvenient for me? Just kidding.

    I also know, theoretically, that people might not offer to help and it wouldn’t mean they don’t like me or wouldn’t be willing if pressed a little — it’s just sometimes hard for me to know that strongly enough to act on it in confidence.

    I hope the roast turned out well!

  3. I have trouble asking for help, too. One line in that paragraph makes me think of my side of our private discussion~LOL! I think I’ve shared that I STINK at discipline. I do find it easier a bit once they’re old enough to undertand being guided by scripture. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  4. Yeah. Funny how it’s much harder to accept normal reasons for people’s unavailability when it seems everyone is unavailable at exactly the same time. Fits in oh so nicely with my existing tendency to paranoia.

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