The skirt shirt

It was a nice skirt. Crinkly rayon with a watercolorish print of small diamonds, in colors I like. Six gores for a nice a-line shape. But alas, it no longer fit. So I turned it into a shirt.

I measured the neckline depth and shoulder width of a shirt I like, and held up the skirt against me to determine where to cut it. Used newspaper to draft a pattern for the yoke. Cut it up, along with yoke linings from some green linen leftover from other projects, and started stitching.

How cool that the seam lines from the skirt fall just where princess seams would have.

The armholes took several tries. The first one was cut straight across, and I stitched in some elastic. It was too snug. Then I tried a gentle curve, slightly gathered, with a very narrow hem. Too gappy. So then I put in some darts. Voila.

The length isn’t even all the way around — longer in back and at the sides, understandably enough for anyone who’s not a model (i.e. not a B cup). Measuring and cutting for an even hem would be a real pain without a dress form, which I haven’t managed to entice anyone to help me make yet. So it will have to do as is.

I’m pleased. It was easy and quick to whip up, and fits quite nicely except for the uneven length — much better than my experience with bought patterns so far. I think I will really enjoy having a dress form, once I make it, so that I can do more of my own drafting. Of course, this one I only had to fit around the neck and arms, so it’s not anywhere near as challenging as the princess seamed dresses and the wrap top I’ve done from bought patterns.






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