Over on facebook my friend Janet has been on a haiku spree — lots of her recent status updates have been in haiku form. Once I tried it I got hooked, too. Here are some of the ones I’ve posted.

1. Blueberry

“Little Giant” bush
All of your leaves have withered
Are you going to die?

2. Skirt Shirt

My skirt doesn’t fit.
What if I made it a shirt?
Wow, that’s pretty cool.

3. Cain

Groundhog rejects me
And my lettuce offering.
I’m feeling like Cain.

4. Hill of “Meat”

Dreamed a hill of dirt
Supplying “meat” to campus.
Oh, how disgusting.

5. Stuffy

It’s not suits and ties
That make a church feel stuffy;
It’s missing Jesus.

6. Puzzle

Missing puzzle piece
Can be infuriating
Whispers, “Let me go.”

7. Macho

Black tank of a truck
So macho across the street
Wish you lived elsewhere.

8. Hat

Knitted produce bag
I’m wearing it like a hat
Amy’s idea

9. Festival

Do I care enough
About the dulcimer fest
To endure camping?

10. Ground Dog

I dreamed the groundhog
Turned out to just be a dog
Too bad it’s not true.

11. Haiku

It is addictive
All this measuring of words
Say it all, but short.

12. Smile

This morning, first time:
Recognizable drawing —
Markered smile faces.

13. Omnivore’s Dilemma

Fertilizer sucks
Wish we had a Polyface
Or at least a cow.

14. Repetition

Please no Charlie Brown
Six times a day is too much
Ah blessed silence.

15. A Sonnet for Giovanna Who Thought I Should Move On

Giovanna thinks that I should write some sonnets
Perhaps she thinks I have a lot of time
Besides the knitting up of purple bonnets
And sewing up of skirts the color of lime

Besides the running ’round with Amy girl
The reading of the many many books
The making of a ponytail that curls
The cleaning up of mess where’er one looks

Perhaps I could express myself more often
In this long and convoluted form
Perhaps my readers’ hearts would calm and soften
Perhaps they’d feel all fuzzy and so warm

But sonnets are a lot of work, I fear
More haiku you’ll probably have to hear.


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