Summer shoes


These shoes have been worn for about half an hour outside. And already, look at the scuffs at the toes! I think it’s because the sole leather is thick and stiff compared to the top leather — and maybe this top leather just isn’t very sturdy. Or maybe it’s partly because the tops aren’t lined like they usually are — I thought it would be easier not to have to line them, because of the holes. The backs and soles are lined with green yard sale linen leftover from another project.

I love the design — some holes for air, but not as floppy as last year’s attempt at sandals.

Not sure about the pattern. I used my usual pattern to make a first draft, a much floppier sandal, and it seemed too wide. So I revised it to make it narrower. That seems to have worked. But the back pieces seem to hit right around the ankle bones — should be higher or lower, I would think. And they’re a little tight — I’ll adjust the elastic and see if that helps.

I might make another pair — maybe the same, maybe not — with the black leather I used last fall. (Those shoes still fit but barely, and just have tiny holes in the toes.) I might try another pattern a friend has been using.


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