Knitting considerations

So I unraveled that sweater I was almost finished with. Seeing it in pictures, I decided the style was not flattering for a variety of reasons — the neckline too high, the fabric too dense (gauge too tight), not sure about the ribbed empire waist effect, armholes too large and therefore sleeves too baggy.

Now what to do?

A) The same thing, but different. Lower the neckline a bit. Use a looser gauge. Stop the raglan shaping earlier to make sleeves more fitted. Keep the center cable and the empire waist ribbing. A little longer if yarn allows. There’s a Berroco pattern called Sybellia that has the center cable flow into two ribs around the neck — but that pattern is done bottom-up and I want to knit this one top-down, and not sure how to translate that effect. Other neckline options — might be nice to make it a square neck.

B) Cabled yoke. What if I could make that cable go around a circular yoke, horizontally? Like in Eunny Jang’s Tangled Yoke Cardigan? I’ll have to play around with some graph paper and see how / if it would work to knit that cable sideways… Then do the rest of the sweater plain, perhaps with some shaping via vertical darts and waist decreases — or keep the empire waist ribbing?

C) Put the cable down the sleeves instead of the center. But the only sweaters I’ve seen like that are men’s sweaters — not sure how it would look on a female figure. Same options for the lower half as B.

It’s really hard to guess what would look best on me and figure out how to do it. But that’s the whole reason I took up knitting — to be able to make things that fit and are flattering for my particular shape. I tried to make some sketches — but does the first one look best because it was the most careful sketch, or because that style would truly be most flattering on me?





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