Toddler documentaries

Amy gets interested in certain kinds of conversations or discussions — it’s like little miniature documentaries or lectures about things. She gets all attentive and interested and a little shy, sort of, and asks for lots of repetitions — “Mama talk about it again?” Gradually they seem to coalesce into a particular form.

Here are three I can recall:

1. Electricity (Today in the car on the way home from the zoo)

Do you see those wires? Those are power lines. They carry electricity all over the country. There are power plants that make electricity. Some burn coal, some are nuclear powered. They spin a magnet inside a bunch of wires, and it makes electricity flow in the wires. The wires carry it into our house. Lots of things in the house use electricity. The computer, the TV, the refrigerator, mama’s sewing machine (and so on and so on).

2. Food (This one goes back at least a year, I think)

Food goes in your mouth. Then it goes into your belly. It feeds your body. The rest becomes poop. It goes into the potty. Then it goes into the septic tank, where it decomposes.

3. Period (This one’s fairly recent. Started because she often accompanies me to the bathroom and has talked about mama peeing blood and having blood on the mama pads)

Every woman has ovaries and a uterus. Once a month, an ovary releases an egg. It travels down the Fallopian Tubes into the uterus. The uterus has prepared a nice lining for it. If the egg is fertilized, it grows into a baby. If it’s not fertilized, the uterus sheds the lining. That’s the blood you see. It’s called a period.


2 thoughts on “Toddler documentaries

  1. Marcy, I’m going to be calling you for concise, easy-to-understand explanations when Grahammie starts asking questions like these. I love how you keep your cool with the answers. What do you think she’ll be asking about next? Do you try to guess and come up with answers ahead of time?

  2. Thanks, Janet! There’s a lot of stumbling, ummmms, and false starts before I arrive at an answer that is reasonably accurate as well as age-appropriate. I’ve thought about some ideas about answering questions in general ahead of time — but not any specific ones.

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