The hmmm sweater

This yarn used to be a big droopy sweater from the late 80s. Tunic length, you know. So I thought surely it would be enough yarn to knit something hip length at a tighter, less droopy gauge.

I am using some recipe for a top down raglan (I forget which one), plus I added the celtic cable down the center and some wide ribbing.

I think it would like another inch in length.

I think the raglan armholes are far too deep, and as a result the sleeves way too big.

And the yarn is disappearing. I’m actually wondering if I’ll have enough for full length sleeves plus at least a crochet edging for the neckline, if not a ribbed neck.

I don’t want to reknit the whole thing, though. Perhaps I could rip back the sleeves and decrease much more sharply — every three rows, perhaps, instead of every five.

Oh — and I’m not really pleased with some color differences — the old sweater was discolored in some places, and those slight discolorations are turning up in the new sweater. Most are rather mottled, hard to notice. The right sleeve, though, you can definitely see where I added a new ball of yarn.





I’m really unsure of the whole style. There’s not much length under the bust, which looks odd with that ribbing — seems such ribbing would look better if the sweater proportions really looked like an empire waist (i.e. the plain top half much shorter than the ribbed bottom half) but my figure doesn’t really do that anymore.


Well, it’s all back to balls of yarn now. I’m going to try again. Maybe a slightly looser gauge. A slightly lower neckline. And smaller armholes. Perhaps different ribbing, if any at all.


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