Ta da!



There’s a bit of a gap between the front leg sleeves and the seat cover lower edge — I can tuck them in, but if anyone sat on it they would likely untuck quickly. Am contemplating sewing on a few snaps… but want to make sure they’d be attached in such a way that a shifting bottom wouldn’t yank on the snaps and rip the yarn.

And the sleeves aren’t quite long enough at the bottoms — not sure if I’ll do anything about that, or what — perhaps knit a second ruffle to attach just under the first.

I had to cut and kitchener the right back leg sleeve because I’d miscalculated while knitting it and one section was too long. I almost lost it — had to do it twice, and the other sleeve’s seam actually looks better — but it’ll do.

I really like the overall look, and am pleased that I was able to use the variegated pink yarn in so many places.


5 thoughts on “Ta da!

  1. i think the final product is beautiful! Great work…glad it turned out so well and you learned some new things in the process…always helpful for later projects!

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