Weekend begins

Today’s Friday — the official beginning of the weekend. This one’s a bit busy.

Amy and I had some morning time to ourselves — we read, played music, danced, got dressed, ate breakfast, made beds. Just as I started making cookies — on an unusual whim — our Friday Few playdate friends arrived. We had a lovely time overall, sharing conversation, lunch, pictures, wool, the cookies, and, to an extent, toys.

Wool — I made her some wool pants: a pair for the baby soon to come, and another for the two-year-old. She gets the same kind of rash Amy tends to get, and I remembered that even today’s modern breathable waterproof wraps seemed to make the rash worse, and wool covers seemed to help. She brought me a wool vest she’d accidentally shrunk / felted — I might be able to make two pairs of wool shorts out of it, one for Amy and one for her little girl.

Toys — For a while, especially before two years, Amy didn’t care all that much if someone played with one of her toys or even snatched one out of her hands. Lately, she’s been more protective of her things and her right of possession, and has been so threatened by the proximity of another child that she asks me to hold things (so another child won’t take them while she plays with something else) and falls into an arm-flailing sobbing reaction if anyone takes something she has or wants.

It is hard to know how best to a) protect my child’s sense of self and ownership and rights to defend herself, and b) not raise a selfish brat who can’t share. I’m not convinced that she’s quite mature enough yet to really “get” what sharing is about, and don’t want to force sharing, especially in any way that she might feel is death. At the same time, I want her to consider alternatives, compromises, and options — like I will hold one toy for her, but not an armful, and if she doesn’t want so-and-so to play with doggie, can she help so-and-so find another animal to play with instead, and turn-taking, and “you put it down and played with something else, so now she can have it.”

Next came naptime — and then, after some time playing in the driveway (a fenced backyard is nowhere near as interesting as the rocks at the street end of the driveway), Grandma and Grandpa P arrived.

And there was much rejoicing.

After dinner (why did the beans in my chili still have a bit of a hard edge to them — I cooked them long enough. Maybe something in the soaking water or something in the other ingredients hardened them.) Amy got some precious time alone with Grandma while the rest of us drove the borrowed truck (thanks, Tom!) to pick up the swingset. It took two trips — and we had to stop once to retrieve the slide from the road. (Why did we forget the bungee cords twice?) The tower part is now sitting upside-down near its desired resting place, while the swing beam and slide lie nearby. Tomorrow will be the assembly.

Amy has been beside herself with excitement and fussy overstimulated tiredness. It was sweetly funny to hear her insisting that she wasn’t tired.


2 thoughts on “Weekend begins

  1. I haven’t visited blogs in a long time, and for a moment I believed YOU had a baby on the way!!!! Don’t DO THAT to me! LOL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi~love you, talented, talented lady!

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