A little summer wardrobe

These used to be onesies — I cut off the bottoms and added ruffles — the pink used to be the bottom of one of my t-shirts, and the blue was some slippery stuff leftover from a project years ago.


This was a t-shirt my mother-in-law was getting rid of — it was a little too thin / translucent for me, but it works well for an Amy shirt. I made the armholes too long and wide, though.


Two dresses made from men’s shirts from the thrift store.




And matching capris and shorts. The flowery fabric was a yard sale buy, and was leftover from making Amy a shirt (two, actually, because I tried to fix the pattern at first and then realized why it was drafted the way it was) from a pattern a friend was getting rid of. There’s also a skirt I made to match that shirt — mostly a dark navy blue fabric and a lighter blue gingham fabric from a thrift store, and a ribbon of the flowery fabric.


There’s another skirt and top that I haven’t finished yet — the top is turning out rather wonky because I didn’t have quite enough fabric, but it should still be wearable, I hope.


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