Why is it that mental illnesses seem to have symptoms that make some sense?

What I mean is, people have hallucinations that actually look like real people or things — they hear voices that say intelligible words — they think thoughts that seem plausible — and so on.

It would be a lot easier, for example, if, when I have a depressive episode, I were to think things like “;sodi[4]1j;ivow34nbd,” or “wave neon boogie plasma,” instead of “I’m a failure because of x,” or “I can’t stand this,” or “So-and-so probably doesn’t like me.”

I wonder what exactly goes wrong in the brain, and how the mind makes sense of it… and I wonder also how exactly the mind and brain relate to and influence each other. And to think that the rest of the body, and even external circumstances, can have such an influence on the mind, too — hormones, what you eat, physical ailments, weather, etc.

(My recent depressive episode seems to be lifting, by the way. This post is just thinking about depression and mental illness in general.)


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