We generally keep our shoes in the garage. A while back I rigged up a board across a sideways cardboard box, and that worked as a shoe shelf for a good long time — but alas, the box has collapsed…

Today, after carting seven* wheelbarrow loads** of dirt from the box garden where I want to plant strawberries but first have to dig out the nasty persistent roots, to the other garden as a temporary storage place, I decided to make a new shoe shelf.

There were two boards — I cut one in half. Then I had the bright idea, since the boards had little shelf support pieces already on them (the boards were salvaged from a makeshift bookcase we got for free), to add a middle shelf using the board that used to be Amy’s coloring table until I found a real one on craigslist.

Mark came home just in time to help me put it all together.


*And that’s just half the pile I need to move.

**Keep in mind that I’m not terribly strong — my wheelbarrow load showed a couple of inches of wheelbarrow all around the dirt; 3/4 full I suppose.


Wow! I went inside while Mark and Amy were still out there, and it turns out he used the time to move the rest of the dirt for me and to start turning over the beds in the garden!


3 thoughts on “Tada!

  1. impressive, not only can you knit and sew, you can can move dirt and build things….doesn’t it feel good to do things yourself and not have to buy them!

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