Taking shape

Over spring break I finished knitting the sleeves for the back legs. They are solid gray, in stockinette stitch (plain knitting), with a little flare at the bottom.

Then I recently finished knitting the sleeve for the top horizontal bar of the chair back — I have a good bit of the colored skein left, so I decided to do another fair isle. The bar isn’t tall enough to repeat the pattern from the seat cover, so I charted a similar but shorter design with spirals and curvy stripes.

After using kitchener stitch (which first involved having to tediously pick out the cast on edge — I thought casting on with waste yarn would be easily ripped out, but no) to invisibly seam the bar sleeve, it was time to seam the back leg sleeves to the bar sleeve.



While these pictures were languishing in the camera, I also knitted a vertically striped sleeve for the next horizontal bar — a skinny one, which is good, because picking out the cast on edge was really messing me up and I had to reknit the whole thing. I finally used a crochet cast on, which was much easier to pull out.

Pink and Gray Chair
Chair Progress: Seat Cover
Seat Cover — done!


2 thoughts on “Taking shape

  1. loving it, geesh, I haven’t even started mine yet…though larry did give me a good idea about the verse, come to me all who are weary and rest…that’s my paraphrase anyway, putting that one the chair in decoupage or painting it…haven’t fully decided yet!

  2. That is a good idea! I wouldn’t have thought of matching the verse to the very idea and purpose of a chair. (Although this morning I did think (on your behalf) of decoupaging pictures of chairs all over a chair.) I had to start mine early because I’m such a slow knitter — want to make sure I have plenty of time. I don’t think decoupage or painting would take anywhere near as long.

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