Meta Meta

I had ribs. They were delicious. And messy. And I suddenly realize, probably the most expensive thing at our table — oops.

The usual wonderments, a little during, a little after — did I listen well or interrupt too much? Did I say or do anything foolish?

But no spiraling out about it — just a little reflection and consideration. Not a bad thing.


Read in the tag surfer a post about the NOMA proposal for how science and religion don’t conflict, i.e., because they are about entirely different things.

I don’t do NOMA. Instead, I think science as scientific method and science as secular philosophy are two distinct animals. People of any faith or worldview, secular or religious, have basic assumptions they bring to the table — often unaware, always axiomatic. These assumptions affect how they use and interpret the scientific method.


Had a nice chat via facebook with the only person I’m in touch with from high school. We have some important things in common, and it was refreshing to share them.


Amy counted to 36 this morning. She skipped 20. And thought 39 came after 36. That’s okay.

I sometimes suspect that I am forgetting the distinction between “I” and “you,” because I’ve gotten so used to Amy referring to herself as “you,” I usually hear it as “I.”


I hosted playgroup yesterday morning. Two other mamas came, which made for a rather relaxing playgroup. Four kids — and except for a little pushing and a fall down part of the stairs (unrelated), they got along just fine.

One of the mamas wanted to hear the dulcimer, which was easy as it was already set up. I also got out the bowed psaltery and let the kids try it. It’s fun to show instruments to people who are interested in them.


2 thoughts on “Meta Meta

  1. you weren’t too messy, seriously…I didn’t even have any rib sauce on me! šŸ™‚
    and how ironic that I left with the same preoccupation of whether I had talked too much…feeling like an isolated mommy most of the day, and having a hubby who isn’t a huge conversationalist lead me to be quite the big mouth when I have the opportunity and occasion to…especially at a tableful of other mommies! We all have those insecurities I suppose, some of us actually think about them and reflect on them, which can be a good thing to moderate our behavior I suppose…anyhow!..i always enjoy chatting with you…we have similar interests and I always glean some interesting knowledge from your experience in something!

  2. Aw, thanks, Jessica!

    You know, I drove home thinking about that little baby in your belly and just loving her already. Feeling all sentimental about babies and pregnancy… and wishing my newborn experience had been much different.

    But I’m not going to try it again, lol.

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