Chair progress: seat cover



I am almost done with the seat cover. There will be another band of cabling on the back, and the side bands and back band will tie around the back legs of the chair.

I am considering an additional entrelac border for the seat cover — to add a little weight and length. I might need some elastic or front leg ties or something, because the cover doesn’t really want to stretch to fit the seat.

I am so pleased to see how my charted design translated into knitting — I’m also fairly pleased with how the colored yarn striped.

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6 thoughts on “Chair progress: seat cover

  1. I’ve never seen one either — whether they would hold up well would likely depend first on the yarn and then on the way it’s knitted. This one is for a charity auction — I just thought it would be odd and fun to knit it. The rest of the chair will be covered with knitting, too.

  2. OH GIRL! I have been wanting to crochet some of those FOREVER! Yours are AMAZING~I was going to use an already existing pattern. LOVE the way it extends down a little over the chair~is there a form or cushion in there? (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  3. Sandi,

    I am probably not going to put a cushion in — maybe just a thin layer of batting or something. My side panels are not wide enough to fit over a real cushion and the sides of the actual chair seat.

    I came up with what I hope will be a good way to keep it stretched nicely all around over the seat — I’m going to knit a short panel under each side band, with eyelet holes, and thread a shoelace through — like how ironing board covers are held on.

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