Pink and Gray Chair

A while back I heard of guerilla knitting, or knit graffiti — people knitting sweaters for trees and lampposts and that sort of thing. There’s a short article with lots of pictures of such projects at

So when I heard about the Chairs for Charity project and pondered what I could do to decorate a chair, I thought, why not knit it?

My original idea was to cover every bit of the chair as snugly as the graffiti knitters covered their trees and poles. But in the interest of making the chair more usable, I’ve decided to make a skirted slipcover instead — something that can be removed for washing.

First, the chair, donated by the Culver Academies, thank you.


Next, the yarn and planning. I wanted to get something special, so I visited a real yarn shop in Valparaiso, Sheep’s Clothing. I chose Plymouth Encore, worsted weight, because it’s very soft, comes in lovely colors, and is machine-washable. Four skeins of soft gray, and one of a twined and shaded pink, white, and gray.

Here’s a gauge swatch of the gray:


(About 4.25 stitches and 5.5 rows per inch, just so you know, on size eight needles.)

I am starting with the seat, using a stranded pattern of treble clefs, dots, stripes, and spirals — my own design.


It’s my first attempt at stranded knitting, and so far so good, although it’s only a few rows in:


What a fun project — it’ll be interesting to see how it progresses.



7 thoughts on “Pink and Gray Chair

  1. I remain filled with admiration. I have no idea when I’ll learn to knit. I would like to, though. Maybe in August? Of, say, 2015?

  2. Thank you all!

    On Ravelry, many reviewers of this yarn say that it pills — but some also say that all wool pills. I am a little concerned that it may not have been the most durable / practical choice of yarn, but a) even though pure acrylic is cheaper and might be (?) more durable, I can’t knit with it because it bothers my fingers too much, and b) even though perhaps a cotton would have been more durable (?), I’ve already started knitting with this and am NOT going back to Valpo to return it.

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