Valpo yarn shop

I am participating in Andrea’s Chairs for Charity event. The academy donated a few chairs and I grabbed one from her porch the other day. My plan is to knit it.

My original thought was to duplicate the chair’s structure in knitting — like a glove — every rung, post, and rail covered in a sleeve of knitting, all invisibly joined. I still think this would be a cool artistic approach, but it would not be removable for washing.

So now I’m contemplating a completely different approach — a skirted cushion and a chair-back sleeve that would fasten with buttons or snaps.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to go to a real live yarn shop to choose yarn for the chair project, and since I had an appointment in Knox yesterday morning, I decided to try a yarn shop in Valpo, which is in the same direction.

We arrived at noon when the shop was supposed to open, but it was noon Eastern time and Valpo is Central — which I should have been thinking about, since my appointment in Knox was also Central.

So we ate our packed lunch in the car, then took a potty break and bought a small pecan tart at the sweet shop, then to the yarn shop.

I’ve never actually been in a real yarn shop before. It was a nice place, with much yarn, many pretty colors and textures. But wow, yarn is expensive. I haven’t bought yarn in several years — all my recent knitting has been with yarn from recycled sweaters.

Amy played at a little table and chairs piled with books and sheep stuffed animals while I roamed the store, staring at and touching yarns and calculating yardages and prices.

At one point I was holding powder blue and hot pink yarn that was actually tubes of some knit fabric wound with shiny rayon, plus a black, blue, purple, and pink eyelash yarn.

Then I bought some black and brown variegated Lamb’s Pride wool and started driving home.

Then I went back and went straight to the relatively cheap wool and acrylic blend Plymouth Encore yarn and choose four skeins of grey and one of a self-striping white, pink, and grey.

I second-guessed that all the way home, and still wonder if that color combination is hopelessly outdated, but the price was much more reasonable and it’s still a very nice yarn. (I wonder if Joann’s or Walmart carries that brand of yarn…)

The staff there were very friendly and helpful and tolerant.

Amy went through four pairs of underwear yesterday — I guess neither of us were paying enough attention to taking potty breaks. She had to go home barefoot because her shoes got soaked.


2 thoughts on “Valpo yarn shop

  1. i personally like the colors and the yarn was so yummy to touch! It is going to look good, I do think that a slipcover sort of ting may be most pratical as a design!

  2. Thanks, Jessica —

    I’m going to start with the cushion, and I’m being adventurous and am going to try a stranded design (two colors), with treble clefs and some stripes and dots.

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