Amy threw up during the night Saturday night, and again a few times yesterday. She has this impulse to keep walking while she’s throwing up — I think maybe she’s trying to get away from it and doesn’t realize it’ll be less messy if she stands still. She made some progress learning how to throw up into a container. What a thing for a little one to have to learn. In the later half of the day she kept trying to keep it down, saying “You (meaning herself) don’t want to throw up!”

Her fever was pretty slight last we checked — just under 100.

Just before naptime, I was holding her on our bed and singing to her, and she snuggled up against me, wrapped in a blanket, pressing her flannel blankie around her nose as she sucked her thumb, and she fell asleep.

Later in the evening we were painting, and I tried to capture some idea of her sweetness asleep.



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