So we went to the doctor’s office today — the doctor is still sick (our appointment last Thursday was rescheduled for today, then canceled again, but we were able to switch to the nurse practitioner).

The reason for seeing anyone is that Amy has had sores on her bottom for several weeks, without much change despite anything we’ve put on them.

After some back and forth calls with the doctor’s office Thursday, they agreed it sounded like impetigo, and gave us a prescription for an antibiotic cream and an oral antibiotic as well.

After Amy and I picked up the meds on Friday morning, I realized that while I thought I had been putting on leftover antibiotic cream from the last case of impetigo, it was really the very steroid cream I had been determined to avoid.

Once we started the new stuff, the sores got less red, less cratered, but continued to be there.

So anyway, the nurse practitioner looked at them and was baffled — she didn’t think it was impetigo, didn’t look infected, not yeast, not anything she could find in her book. She tried (gently) to break open one of the sores that was no longer cratered, but it wouldn’t break. There were two tiny ones that were still cratered, so she swabbed those to take a culture. Hopefully there was enough goo to make a good culture.

Very interesting.


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