Big serious deep conversation

Just kidding.

Beth and I have talked up many mini-storms as we’ve been meeting together to do her T-Tapp workout, and there just hasn’t been a good time to dig in deep and talk about any one of those things with any thoroughness.

So, last week, we agreed to set up a lunch date for after exercise today. We’d shoo the kids upstairs to play and really talk.

This morning I got an email — she had something unexpected to do in the morning, so could we meet later in the day — skip the exercise and just eat, or do the workout after lunch.

That was actually good for me because, when I went to get the dough out of the bread machine, the dough that I’d started at 7:30 this morning, it was not dough — the machine had very nicely stirred the water and butter, leaving the flour, honey, and yeast completely undisturbed.

So having an extra couple of hours to knead the dough and let it rise the conventional way was helpful. It was also nice to have a little extra time for Amy, who has been wanting rather more attention and direct playing together than I’ve been able or willing to give lately.

We arrived at noon and had a lovely lunch.

We shooed away the kids and began to talk.

There was a poopy-underwear-requiring-a-bath incident.

Beth had to run her older two to a class.

We tried to put Amy in the youngest’s bed for a nap.

Which is in a large open room overlooking the room downstairs where Beth and I were talking. Her kids were theoretically shooed to another room upstairs, but spent most of their time in the room with the bed.

There was screaming towards the end.

I retrieved a napless Amy and headed home to put her in her own bed, in her own room, with the door quite firmly closed.

We did actually talk some — and more than we can when we’re trying to get through the workout. Not about any of the things I’d intended to ask her about, but that’s okay.


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