HeelHead / Coronet hooded scarf

I finished my hooded scarf on Tuesday night, except I haven’t woven in the ends. I think it’s too big for me, and it’s hard to see well if I have to turn my head.

The basic pattern is the HeelHead Scarf, adapted as best I could for a bulkier yarn, and replacing the cable with the braid from the Coronet hat. Where the cable separates into two parts, I tried to increase in the middle to get two twists for each side. Someone more careful could likely work out a smoother, prettier way to do that, but it’s good enough for me for now.

Oh, and if I were going to do it again, I would move the increases over two stitches, to keep the look of the rib that runs along the edge of the cable.

Photo -- Hooded scarf, folded.

Photo -- Opened.

Photo -- Wearing the hooded scarf, loose.

Photo -- Hooded scarf from the side.

Photo -- Wearing the hooded scarf, wrapped.

I have discovered that Amy’s “onion hat” (an open faced balaclava, made by my mother) just about fits me, too — just needs to be longer — and that it lets me turn my head nicely. The ribbing makes it easy to take off without messing up my hair — in fact, I think the hooded scarf is more likely to mess it up. So I am thinking about frogging the scarf and making an onion hat for myself.

Photo -- Amy's onion hat.

That is, as soon as I finish the one I’m making for Amy, using my mom’s as a guide. I changed it to work in the round, added some baby cables, and am going to try to make the top more rounded and less pointy.

Photo -- Amy's new onion hat.


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