This post is a reminder to myself. If it helps you, too, so much the better!

There are differing levels, or degrees, of friendship.

Accept the level of friendship that is offered: smiles at chance meetings, gotta talk every day, and everything in between.

Not everyone has to be either secretly (or not so secretly) loathing me or adoring me — there is lots of territory in the middle.


7 thoughts on “Levels

  1. True Marcie. Take it a day at a time girl! Not sure what happened that started this up again, but I think a lot of us have our own internal conflicts we struggle with!

  2. Andrea,

    It’s been an ongoing struggle since I was very little — comes and goes, especially with transitions. I suspect hearing about my therapist’s death might be a factor this time.

  3. Hey Marcy!

    We’ve moved a lot and this friendship thing really becomes an issue. I’ve got a few friends that when we met, it was immediate and the friendship level was high – one is from when my boys were very little and cities ago. We pick up like nothing happened when we see each other.

    Those are rather rare though. Most of the others are more lopsided one way or another.

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