That 25 things meme

1. When I was little, my music favorites included Laura Branigan and Culture Club / Boy George.

2. While scanning on the radio in the car, I’ll stop for a song by Red Hot Chile Peppers, Bare Naked Ladies, or Journey, among others.

3. I have played the following instruments at least once: piano, organ, synthesizer, harpsichord, viola, handbells, guitar, one-string dulcimer, mountain dulcimer, hammered dulcimer, recorder, pennywhistle, autoharp.

4. My chorus teacher advised me not to pursue a music career.

5. I miss the New Life choir. It is awkward for me to perform music during worship, and that awkwardness continued with that choir. But it was such a small group that every voice really mattered, and we did such beautiful music most of the time (and no bad music), and the pianist / director was really good at helping us with phrasing and emphasis, all the little subtleties that make music out of a bunch of words and pitches and rhythms.

6. I don’t like saliva. Including sloppy toddler kisses. I also don’t like (detest) wet kitty noses. Dog tongues and noses are infinitely worse.

7. Consequently, I don’t share food. I mean, you can eat off my plate, but I can’t eat off yours. I won’t even eat off Amy’s plate, whether she touched the item or not.

8. On the other hand, cleaning up puke or poop doesn’t bother me quite as much as you’d guess. Perhaps because they are infrequent messes.

9. Then again, don’t ask me to clean out the kitchen sink strainers. And don’t you dare get bits of food or other nasties in my nice clean hot soapy dishwater.

10. I’ve never broken a bone.

11. When I was two, I had surgery to correct crossed eyes. Last night, I thought for the first time, how exactly did they do that?

12. When I was three or four, I had stitches on my chin because my sister dared me to jump off the cement porch steps.

13. Around the same age I choked on a penny. Cookie Monster was balancing an apple on his tongue. I didn’t have an apple, but guess what I did have?

14. In high school I had a couple of stitches in a finger because when, in chemistry class, I pushed to make sure the rubber spatula tip was securely attached to the glass rod, the glass rod broke.

15. I developed a pyogenic granuloma on my right index finger during pregnancy. That thing was as thick as my finger, and bled profusely at the slightest provocation. It disgusted me. They had to cut it off and cauterize it, finally, a few weeks after Amy was born.

16. My first knitting project was a pair of red and black slippers for my first boyfriend.

17. I didn’t knit again until some time after I got married — to a different guy.

18. I think dating / courtship is a confusing and messy process. My own experience included three official boyfriends, two covert dating relationships (we sure acted like we were dating but wouldn’t admit it even to each other), many crushes (some perhaps mutual), and one semi-fling.

19. I tried to adopt the pro-courtship / anti-dating approach made popular by certain Christian authors and speakers, because the reasoning made some sense, but in practice it didn’t work very well.

20. I was aggravated with myself when I developed a crush on Mark, because I thought I didn’t know him well enough yet, and didn’t want my feelings to cloud my judgment.

21. Through much prayer and reflection, I eventually felt like God was telling me to “Go ahead and date him — have a little fun!” (That’s not as God=Santa as it may sound.)

22. Even worse (to some of my friends), I chose to get married instead of being a missionary. I still think I made the right choice for me, before God.

23. I’m thinking this much about dating and marriage because of an email conversation with a young friend.

24. I generally like email better than the phone.

25. I don’t really feel that bad about refusing to tag anyone for this meme. If you want to do it, please do, and let me know!


5 thoughts on “That 25 things meme

  1. The lists of instruments played and childhood accidents are awesome. With all those I’m amazed that you didn’t lick a frozen piece of metal in a schoolyard at recess to see if your tongue really would feeeze to it. It would have!

    Did you know that if you exhale through a harmonica it’s diatonic. If you inhale through it, you get the notes you need to play Blues? That’s an inintentional accident of design.

  2. Keith, so far I have managed to avoid that particular temptation / dare. And that’s interesting about the harmonica! Do you play?

    Jan, I’d love to read your list!

  3. Hmm… I didn’t know Cookie Monster even had a tongue, let alone one substantial enough on which he could balance something!

  4. Good question — I remember that was the situation, but I can’t picture it. Maybe when I have more time I can try to find the bit on youtube or something.

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