Disturbing video

I was minding my own business running through the Tag Surfer when I came across a post of this video, which shows pictures and video of aborted fetuses.

I watched it without sound.

It is full of biased language — innocent children, murder, no one cares, all that sort of thing. I can fully understand why people would be really, really irritated at the way the underlying assumptions are so in your face, as if no one could imagine thinking of a fetus in any other way. I would greatly prefer the video to skip the words and go straight to the pictures (after the graphic content warning, of course). Facts, not propaganda.

And yet, looking at those tiny hands and arms and legs and faces, and severed ribcages and guts — even the littlest ones at seven or ten weeks gestation, but oh, so much more the twenty-four week fetus being wrapped up in butcher paper to be disposed of — it seriously knotted my stomach and made me want to vomit.

Honestly? I don’t know how anyone can see such pictures — or even just plain photos of fetuses in utero, still whole and developing — and think of a fetus as anything other than a distinct person.

I understand the rhetoric, the politics, the values, the beliefs of the pro-choice folks, and I disapprove of much of the pro-life movement’s methods, and yet — look at these fetuses. That’s NOT a mere blob of mama tissue.


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