Magic Loop

So, I learned how to do the magic loop technique yesterday! It’s a way to use a largish circular needle to do the work of dpns — to knit something small in the round. Essentially you divide the stitches in half, pull a loop of the cable through, and alternate which half is on a needle tip and which half ride the cable while you knit the ones on the needle.

I used this technique to close the bottom of the two produce bags I was knitting. I didn’t like how bunchy the bottoms were from just threading the yarn through all 46 stitches and pulling tight. On one I decreased every round, first four stitches, then six, six again, and then I don’t remember. The second one I paid more attention — I decreased eight stitches every other round, until near the end when I knit every pair of stitches together. Both made nice unbunchy bottoms.

Maybe someday I’ll try a hat.

Photo -- Produce bag.

Photo -- Produce bag, close up of bottom.


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