Sonnet cardigan, fixed

Ripped back the fronts to reduce a little bulk and narrow the neckline. Doubled the number of buttons, but had to use smaller ones than planned, so I also used buttonhole stitch to make the buttonholes smaller. Added six rows of sc and one of dc around the neck. Going to do maybe four rows of sc on the sleeves, too.

I love the neckline. I’m not sure it looks great with that top button right at the tippy-top — the alternatives would be to add another row or two of sc to the neckline or replace the button with an invisible snap. Opinions?

It is very comfortable. There’s a little extra bulk in the sleeves and in the back, but it doesn’t bother me too much. My next sweater, however, I’m going to try something more fitted.

Photo -- The sweater -- done except for sleeve edgings.

Photo -- A little closer.

Photo -- And really close.


4 thoughts on “Sonnet cardigan, fixed

  1. Thank you all — this is my fourth sweater, and the second that is wearable. I’m getting excited about moving on to another, after spending three years (off and on) on this one and finally finishing it.

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