Amy whines, twirls, and more

Amy has been fussy and whiny and demanding lately. Normal two stuff, I’m sure, but also still annoying. She has little concept of patience (of course) or waiting until mama is done with the first thing before asking about the second thing, and what she wants changes every few seconds, anyway. And her first impulse when she gets upset is to scream, flail, and throw things. Normal, like I said. I’m not really expecting much different at this age.

We keep doing timeouts, talking about it being okay to be frustrated, not okay to throw things, and other strategies for dealing with / expressing the frustration.

Last evening, something came over her and she had a marvelous time being happy and cheerful and playing by herself, occasionally running in to show us or tell us something, like twirling the skirt of her dress with a big smile. It was delightful.

Another thing she does that I think is really interesting is that she plays with language sounds. She changes the first sounds of words, or the middle sounds, like substituting “wapple” for “waffle.” She can and does say “waffle” and knows which one is correct, but she clearly enjoys playing with switching the sounds around. I wonder how much is that I sometimes do that (I don’t think I do, but perhaps I do), how much is related to the “I like to eat” song where you substitute different vowel sounds (i.e. “O loke toh oat”) each verse, and how much is just her personal interest. Probably some combination.


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