Sonnet cardigan

So I recently finished knitting my Sonnet cardigan, which I’ve been working on (off and on) for about three years. Sewed up the seams.

The neck is too big.

Crocheted a lovely shell around the hem and the side that will lie on top when it’s buttoned, and a row of single crochet skipping every third stitch to finish and slightly tighten the neckline.

It needs more than slight tightening.

I tried adding some rows of double crochet with three decreases in each corner of the square neckline, but it was still floppy and the decreases didn’t lie nicely.

I’ve ripped back to that one row of single crochet and thinking about what to do next.

Meanwhile, I put it on, pinning it with a stitch holder, because I was cold. And after dinner I experimented with the stitch holder pinning in different places and look: (Please excuse the mismatched pajamas.)

Here it is pinned where it should close:

Photo -- Pinned where it's supposed to be.

And here I overlapped the fronts so that the corners matched:

Photo -- Overlapped more.

Doesn’t it look better like that? Not just at the neckline, but overall. It does make the back neckline gap a tiny bit, but a little more crochet ought to fix that. And since the sweater is knit sideways, it wouldn’t be too terrible to unravel each side about two or three inches. I’d just have to redo the buttonholes, but I might want more than five buttons anyway. I’d also have to rip out and redo all that shell stitch crochet edging, but if the end result is better, it would be worth it.

Photo -- Overlapped more, closer view.


4 thoughts on “Sonnet cardigan

  1. Why not just leave it double-breasted? Add hook-and-eye closures to the underside inner edge and let there be a double layer in the front. Set your exterior buttons further in on the right-hand side. I don’t know what you initially had in mind, but it looks to me as if that would look spiffy.

  2. My comment earlier most have gotten lost in comment cyberspace so I’ll try again.
    The sweater is beautiful. Not perfect but indeed beautiful. I know you’ll work at it until it suits you but please be easy on yourself. Every project, if nothing else, is a learning experience.

  3. Thank you all!

    I hate hooks and eyes! Think how they’d pull at all those stitches… but snaps would work.

    It does look pretty cool double-breasted, and I considered going that route, but then decided against it. Instead, I ripped back the fronts halfway across the neckline. I didn’t have to rip out all the crochet edging, just the bit up the front and a little at the bottom on each side. I doubled the number of buttons, too, and redid the crochet at the neckline — ended up with six rows of single crochet and one of double.

    I just have a few more buttons to do, and then I’ll take more pictures!

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