Curses! Foiled again!

So, one of my ideas for this new year is to gather once a week with one or two other mamas and their kids. Not instead of playgroup — just in addition. It’s less noisy, easier to converse and supervise the kids, easier to get to know one another. More comfortable for a non-crowd type like me.

The weekend before school started again, therefore, I ran through the playgroup list and picked two mamas to start with, inviting them here and asking what day of the week would work best. Even though it wasn’t the best day for one of them, we picked today, but then because the other one had something to do at 10:45, the start time ended up being rather earlier than the first one prefers. Then the snow made them both decide to stay home.

The earlier riser called this morning to tell me that decision, and I had just poured the milk on my bowl of cereal when she called. I confess I cannot eat soggy cereal. I had to cut short the conversation. I’m sorry. (I should have called back after breakfast…)

I emailed again, suggesting Monday lunch — that would solve the early rising and 10:45 errand issues. But no — these kids nap much earlier than Amy does, so lunch just isn’t a good time.

The earlier riser suggested Monday morning — alas! The day I picked for my weekly t-tapp workout with Beth.

The latest plan is to abandon the three-mama playdate, and maybe meet with one on Tuesday morning (not good for the early riser) and the other on Friday morning (the later riser’s husband’s day off).

I sort of wish I could just draw names out of a hat, assign days and times, and have it magically work for everyone.

I wonder if it will be this challenging all semester?


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