We showed Amy how to climb onto one of her little chairs to reach light switches — now she carries the chair around to turn on the light in her room, the music room, the hallway, or the bathroom.

She knows she shouldn’t just play with the light switches, but she delights in discovering new reasons to need to turn a light back on and off again.

If she’s not wearing anything other than a top, she can now go turn on the bathroom light, pee in her little potty, empty the bowl into the big potty (not usually very neatly), and put the bowl in the sink to be rinsed.

She can’t take off her own pants and underwear, and she can’t turn on the water — but sometimes she manages to get the pants and / or underwear and / or shoes on by herself. The main challenges are getting each leg into the proper hole (not both in one) and pulling up the back of the waistbands.


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