New Year

I don’t really like to make resolutions — but I could note some things I want and / or need to do now that it’s not 2008 anymore.

1. Review my business stuff. I need to count my inventory and make sure it matches my records — since I haven’t been working much, I’ve been forgetful about recording when I sell a CD or something, especially mail-orders. And I don’t remember when I last counted how many CDs I have left. I’ll need to sum up last year’s spreadsheets and prepare them for taxes, and set up new spreadsheets for this year. I hate this part of running a business.

2. Finish the sweater. The one I started before I knew I was pregnant with Amy. I’m almost there — almost done increasing the sleeves. Oh, but then I need to choose and do a pretty crochet edging of some kind for the neck, hem, and sleeves.

3. I have a few sewing projects lined up — three I mentioned in the previous post, plus some others, like making Amy a dress out of the leftover material from my brown princess seamed dress, and another out of my old black floral one.

4. I’m thinking maybe it would be good to commit to doing the T-tapp workout with Beth once a week, and take Amy to the pool once a week, and the big playgroup once a week, and arrange one smaller playdate (one or two other moms and their kids) once a week.

5. Maybe start or join a knitting group. I hear there’s one at the Culver library, but it’s daytime, which would mean taking Amy with me, which I’m not sure I want to do.


6. Make something with the sourdough starter once a week.


7. Engage with reality more than with images — i.e. with Amy herself and not just with my sentimentality or Parental Thinking.

That’s all that’s on my mind at the moment. I may well come back and add to it, or even remove something.


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