Hobby horse

I was playing with Amy in the basement, thumping old wrapping paper tubes on the floor like big floppy drumsticks, when it occurred to me that they could be transformed into a hobby horse.

Upstairs, to cut and tape.

Then, as it took shape, I thought it would be cool to plaster it over with papier mache, so that it might last a little longer and look nicer.

Mixed up the flour, salt, and water, and cut up strips of paper towel — Amy helped me stir, and helped put on and smooth two or three strips, but then a scrape on her hand started to hurt (the salt, I guess), and it was about time for her nap anyway. She was very upset that she couldn’t ride the hobby horse right away, and that she couldn’t help do the papier mache without it hurting her ouchie, and that she had to take a nap, even though she clearly needed it.

I hope it dries fast.

Photo -- back of the head.

Photo -- side view.

Photo -- three-quarter view.

Photo -- front.

Photo -- tada!


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